Medical Education-Constitution of Committee to process the applications for grant of permissions for starting Nursing Colleges, Nursing Schools, Multipurpose Health Workers (Female) Training Centres- Para Medical Training Centres and Physiotherapy Training Centres-Expansion of Terms of reference of the Committee-Amendment-Orders-Issued.






G.O.Ms.No.72                                                                                    Dated: 28-03-2003

                                                                                                            Read the following:-



            G.O.Ms.No.318, HM&FW (M2) Dept., Dt. 29-09-2000.




* * *




            In the G.O. read above, Government have constituted a Committee under the chairmanship of Justice Sri. G. Radhakrishna Rao, retired Judge, High Court of Andhra Pradesh and with (9) other members to process the applications received from the interested parties for establishment of Para-Medical Institutions and submit its recommendations to Government from time to time for issuing necessary orders.



2.         Government after review of the matter hereby expand the terms of reference of the Selection Committee headed by Justice Sri G. Radhakrishna Rao, Retired Judge, High Court of Andhra Pradesh.  Accordingly, the following  subject matters are included in the terms of reference and brought under the purview of the Selection Committee for Para Medical Institutions:-



(i)            to screen applications and offer recommendation for  Multipurpose Health Assistant (Male) course Consequently, the files/connected papers of Private Institutions of MPHW(M) pending in Health Medical and Family Welfare (J) Department and the files pending in respect of other Private Institutions in the office of  Director of Medical Education, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad shall be transferred to the Selection Committee for Para Medical  Institutions, Andhra Pradesh Secretariat buildings, Hyderabad with immediate effect.



(ii)          Since the Selection Committee for Para Medical Institutions  is inspecting the proposed private institutions before sending recommendations to Government for  issue of Essentiality Certificate, and since the payment of security deposit by the  proposed Institution in the joint account with the Director of Medical Education, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad has been dispensed with, the  further procedure of forwarding the report by the Director of Medical Education on payment  of security deposit by private institutions is dispensed with.  The Selection Committee shall have the proposed private institutions inspected and forward  the recommendations along with detailed  information in the proforma prescribed by the Government.



:: 2 ::


(iii)         The Selection Committee, Para Medical Institutions will also review the existing eligibility criteria  for admissions including minimum educational qualifications etc., the evaluation criteria, the syllabi of each of the courses and upgrade the same duly incorporating computer training etc., wherever required and also take up inspections of the institutions which have completed one year period after their commencement.


(iv)        The Selection Committee, Para Medical Institutions will also make recommendations for introduction of new courses, with the  help of experts, based on an  assessment of  emerging areas of man  power requirement.


3.         The Chairman, Selection  Committee for Para Medical Institutions can sanction sitting fee of Rs. 250/-(Rupees two hundred and fifty only) per each sitting to the experts on syllabus, subject to the condition that no funds shall be sought from Government and the  expenditure shall be met within the funds allotted to or  revenue generated by the  selection Committee.


4.         This Order issues with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their U.O.No.3124/33/A1/EBS-VIII/2003, dated 22-02-2003.





                                                                                           M. CHAYA RATAN

                                                       PRINCIPAL SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT



The Chairman, Selection Committee for Para Medical Institutions,

Secretariat buildings, Hyderabad.

The Director General Medical and Health Services and Commissioner Andhra Pradesh Vaidya  Vidhana Parishad, Hyderabad.

The Director  of Medical Education, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.

The Director of Health, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.

The  Registrar, N.T.R. University of Health Science, Vijayawada

The  President, Andhra Pradesh Nurses  and Midwifery Council, Hyderabad.

The Health Medical & Family Welfare (J.D) Department.

The Commissioner, Printing  Stationery and Stores Purchase (Printing Wing), Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.

            (with a request to publish the G.O. in the a.P. Gazette and supply 500 copies to Govt. and 1000 copies to the D.G.M&HS and Commissioner A.P. Vaidya Vidhana Parishad, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad)

??All the Heads of the Department under the control of H.M.&F.W Department.

All the District Collectors in  the State.


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All the Superintendents of Government Teaching Hospitals in the State.

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