General Nursing Schools ? Procedure for Selection and admission of candidates in General Nursing and Midwifery  Course ? Instructions ? Amendment ? Issued.




G.O.Ms.No. 434                                                                              Dated : 12-8-1993

                                                                                                         Read the following:-


1.      G.O.Ms.No. 430 HM&FW Department, Dated 4-7-1989


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O R D E R :


1          In the Government Order first read above,  uniform instructions and guidelines for selection and admission of candidates in General Nursing and   Midwifery Course in the State were issued.  The Director of Medical Education has reported that the private institutions arte not following the said instructions, and they  are admitting the students on their own over and above the limit prescribed and are not furnishing the list of candidates admitted.  The  Director of  Medical Education has therefore proposed amendments to the instructions and guide-lines issued earlier in the Government Order and read above.


2          Government after careful examination, have decided to issue the following amendments to instructions, and guide-lines issued in annexure to the G.O.Ms.No. 430 Health, Medical and Family Welfare Department, dated 4-7-1989.




1)                    In the  said instructions, for Para 1, the following shall be substituted namely:-


a)                  The Selection and admission of candidates to General Nursing and Midwifery Course in all the Nursing Schools in each District of the state shall be made by the Committee consisting of the following members:


i)          District Medical and Health                          Chairman
Officer  of the  District Concerned.

ii)         Civil Asst.  Surgeon, Gynecologist                Member
of the Dist. Hospital.

iii)         Nursing Tutor from near by                          Member
Govt. School of Nursing.

iv)        Principal of the private                                 Member
School of Nursing.

b)                  The Selection Committee shall meet at the Dist Head Qtrs. and complete the admission in all the Nursing Schools in the District in one or two days as per the program to be given by  the  director of medical Education well in advance every year.


c)                  The Nomination of Civil Asst. Surgeon, Gynecologist of the District Hospital as a member of the Committee shall be by the Superintendent of the District Head Quarters Hospital concerned during the month of April of the every year for a term not exceeding One Year  and the same person should not be continued for more than two terms continuously.  The name of the person so  nominated by the  Superintendent of District Head Quarters Hospital should be intimated to the Director of Medical Education and also to the District Medical and Health Officer concerned.


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d)                  The Nomination of the Nursing  Tutor from nearby Government School of Nursing for each district shall be made by the Director of Medical Education during April of the  every year for a term not exceeding One year and the other conditions being the same as for Civil  Asst.  Surgeon, Gynecologist  however to nomination of Civil  Asst.  Surgeon, Gynecologist and Nursing  Tutor for this  year i.e.  1993-1994  shall be made before the end of the  August, 1993.

e)                  The Committee after completing the selection and admission shall close the admissions and furnish the list of admitted students along with the merit  list of applications to the Registrar, Andhra Pradesh Nurses Midwifery Council, Hyderabad and to the Director of  medical Education with the signature of all the members of the selection committee with in fifteen days of the completion of the selection and admissions. Issue of Hall tickets for final examinations shall be limited to the admitted students in the list so furnished.


2)         Paras 5 and 6 shall be omitted and existing paras 7 to 11 shall be renumbered as paras 5 to 9.





                                                                                                B.V. RAMA RAO

                                                                                     Principal Secretary to Government




The Director of Medical Education,  Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.




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