Multipurpose Health Workers (F) Training Institute ? Formation of  guidelines for admission to the Private MPHW (F) Training  Schools and other matters ? Amendments to Rules ? Issued.



Health, Medical and Family Welfare (D1) Department


G.O.Rt.No. 408                                                                                        Dated: 31-3-1998

                                                                                                               Read the following:


1.         G.O.Ms.No. 314, HM&FW (D1) Dt. 16-8-1997.

2.         From the Chairman, Selection Committee, Paramedical
Institutions etc., D.O.Lr.No. 1069/PMT/97 Dt. 13-11-1997.

3.         From the Chairman, Selection Committee, Paramedical
Institutions etc., D.O.Lr.No.39/SC/PMT/98, Dt. 21-2-1998.






            The following Notification will be published in the Andhra Pradesh Gazette:-





            In  exercise of the powers conferred by Section 99 of the Andhra Pradesh Education Act, 1982(Act 1 of 1982).  The  governor of Andhra Pradesh hereby makes the following amendments to the Andhra Pradesh Multipurpose Health Workers (Female0 Training Schools (Admission into Multipurpose health Workers (Female0 Training and Grant of Permission to private Multipurpose health workers (Female) Training Schools. Rules,  1997 issued in G.O.Ms.No.314, HM&FW (D2) Department, Dt. The 16th  August 1997.





            In the said rules :-


  1. for rule 4, the following shall be substituted,  namely:


? 4  Rule of reservation shall be strictly followed while making selection for both free seals and management seals.  If candidates are not available for the reserved communities.  The Selection Committee of the  private institutions shall be permitted to admit students from other communities to fill up the seals meant for reserved categories.  However, the Selection Committee shall ensure that no candidate of the reserved category has been  overlooked in the free seats and management seats.  The stipulations of local area reservations as prescribed  in  the rules in force by Education Department shall be followed.


  1. at the end of rule 6 the following shall be substituted namely:-


? 1st July be specified as the notional date for counting  the age in the relevant year of admission.  The maximum age for admission shall be 35 years. For SC, & BC students relaxation of age can be made for 3 years ? ;


  1. in sun-rule (1) of rule 9 at the and after deleting the words?:  and ?: the following shall be added: namely:-


? The two hospitals should be within a maximum distance of 25 KM from the place where the training school is located the Government shall have the power to relax the rule in  favour of the institutions located in tribal or remote   backward areas in appropriate cases anther regarding the  number of beds or the number of Hospitals or the distance  to be maintained between the location of the Training   school and the hospitals having clinical attachment: and ?:



Contd. 2

:: 2 ::



  1. for rule 13, the following shall be substituted, namely:-


? 13 Syllabus for the course shall be prescribed by the Director medical Education as per the guidelines of  Nursing Council of India and the Examination for awarding   of Diploma or Certificate  shall be conducted by the  Director Medical Education as per the guidelines of the Nursing Council?:

  1. in clause (i) of rule 14 the following shall be added: namely:-


(a)                An interval of 15 days shall be fixed between the last date fixed for issue of application forms and for receipt of duty filled in application forms

(b)                An interval of one month shall be fixed between the last date fixed for issue of application forms and for receipt of duty filled in application forms:

(c)                The  publication should be made in the main edition only:

(d)                As per the rule of reservation, 85% of the seats shall be filled in by local candidates and the remaining 15% shall be  un-reserved and filled as per the provisions of  presidential  order.  If in any year of admission  candidates from the local area are not available, the   Training school shall admit only local candidates  from   the  remaining local areas in the Andhra Pradesh  State and  students of other states may be admitted only if no  candidate is available from the state of Andhra  Pradesh.


  1. After sub-rule (2) or rule 20, the following shall be added: namely:-


?(3) whenever any paramedical institution is found to be not  working satisfactorily, a penalty should be imposed by way of forfeiture of the security deposit made by the institutions?.


  1. for rule 22, the following shall be substituted, namely:-


?22. The  Director, Medical Education/ Commissioner & Director, Family Welfare and any other officer deputed  by  them  for the purpose  shall be the competent authority under the rules to make inspection of the institutes.?




                                                                                       RACHEL CHATTERJEE

                                                                          SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT (FW)



The Director, medical Education, Hyderabad.

The Director, Medical Education & Registrar, A.P.

        Nurses and Midwives, ANMS & HVs Council, Hyderabad.

The Registrar, Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi.

The Commissioner & Director, Family Welfare, Hyderabad.

The Director, printing Stationery, Hyderabad (for publication in A.P. Gazette).


Copy to:

General Administration (Cabinet Department.)

Social Welfare/Education Department.

P.S. to Chief Minister.

P.S. to  Minister (HM&FW)

P.S. to  Principal  Secretary HM&FW/ Secretary (FW)

The Scrutiny Cell of the Law Department.




                        //Forwarded :: By Order//


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