Medical Education ? Private Para  - Medical Institutions ? Policy on regulation of grant of permission to private para medical training institutions and other matters connected  therewith ? Orders ? Issued.





G.O.Ms.No. 304,                                                                                      Dt. 7-8-1997

                                                                                                               Read the following :-


1.                   G.O.Ms.No. 922 HM&FW (K2) Deptt. Dt. 3-6-1995.

2.                   G.O.Ms.No. 267 HM&FW (E1) Deptt. Dt. 14-7-1997.

3.                   Recommendations of the Cabinet Sub-Committee Constituted during the meeting held on 15-7-1997 on Policies of HM&FW Dept.







            The Government have constituted an Expert Committee in the G.O. 1st read above with (1) D.M.E. (2) D.T.M.S.,  and (3) Courses and also to formulate guidelines.  The Committee has  guidelines to be prescribed for Para Medical Courses.  The  Government  have been considering the question of formulating guidelines for allowing private institutions to start  Degree/Diploma Certificate Course in Para  Medical Education.  The following are Para Medical Courses;


I.          Laboratory Services :


(1)                Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (Lab Technician Training Course)

(2)                Diploma in  medical Lab Technology ( lab Attendant  Training Course)

(3)                Certificate course in Blood Banking  Technology/Transfusion Technology) and

(4)                B.Sc. Medical Lab Technology (Under University of Health Sciences).


II          Tm geology :


1.       C.R.A. (Certificate of Radiographic Assistant)

2.       D.R.A. ( Dark Room Assistant) and

3.       Diploma in Medical Tmaging.


III.       Cardiology Services :


1.                   E.C.G. Technician training course

2.                   Cardiology Technicians  Training Course

3.                   Cath lab  Technician Training Course and

4.                   Perfusion  Technology Training Course.


IV.       Anesthesia  Services :


1.       Anesthesia Technician Training Course.


V.        E.N.T. Services :


1.       Audio  Metric Technician Training  Course.


VI.       Ophthalmic  Services :


1.       Diploma in Ophthalmic  Assistant and

2.       Optometrist course


VII.      Dental Services :


1.       Dental hygienist Course : and

2.        Dental Technician  Course.


Contd. 2

:: 2 ::


VIII.     Nephrology Services :


(1)   Dialysis Technician Training Course.


The Government  have prepared draft guidelines in respect of the above categories of courses and placed them for consideration of the cabinet on 15-7-1997.  The  Cabinet has appointed a cabinet  sub-committee consisting of the following for  considering the guidelines prepared by the Department and submit  recommendations:


  1. Dr. N. Janardhan Reddy, Hon?ble Minister (HM&FW)
  2. Sri. Kadiam Srihari, Hon?ble Minister (Social Welfare)
  3. Sri. K. Chandrasekhara Rao, Hon?ble Minister  (Transport).


The Cabinet Sub-committee having considered the guidelines of the department has given their suggestions.  The  department having considered the suggestions of the cabinet sub-Committee, have  prepared revised guidelines and placed  before the cabinet for its   approval.  After approval of the  cabinet, Govt.  here by make Rules regulating the according of permission to the private institutions to start Para-Medical courses in  the state.


The Director of Medical Education and all other concerned authorities shall take suitable  action in accordance with the Rules issued here under.




In  exercise of the powers conferred  by  section 99 of the Andhra Pradesh Education Act,  1982 (Act 1 of  1982), the  Governor of Andhra Pradesh hereby makes the following rules regulating the establishment of Private Para Medical  Training Institutions and  for admissions into such Institutions.




1.         Short Title, Extent and Commencement:


i)                          These rules may be called the ?Andhra Pradesh Private Para Medical Training Institutions (Grant of Permission and Regulation of Admissions into Private Institutions) Rules,  1997.

ii)                         They shall apply to all the Private Para-medical training Institutes imparting Para-Medical Education and Training  for Degree,  Diploma and Certificate Course.

iii)                       They Shall Come into force at once.




50%  of the  total number  of seats shall be  called ?free seats? and the remaining 50% shall be called ?Management Seats?.




1.       There shall be a Selection  Committee consisting of the following members for selection of candidates against free seats in Diploma and Certificate Courses:-


I.          Joint Collector of the District                           ---     Chairman

II.         Dist. Medical & Health Officer                       ---     Member-Convenor

III.       Superintendent of the Dist  Head

            Quarters Hospital                                           ---     Member

IV.       Deputy Director,  Social  Welfare                    ---     Member

V.        Principal of the Concerned training institution   ---     Member


The above Committee shall make selections based purely on the merit on the basis of the aggregate marks obtained by the candidates in the relevant group subjects, excluding the making obtained in the  language. In  deciding  such merit,  candidates who pass under compartmental system will be  placed after candidates who  pass in a single  sitting :

Contd. 3

:: 3 ::


2.       The Management of the Institutions shall admit the candidates allotted by the Selection  Committee on the basis of ranking  assigned  to them against free seats.


3.       The maximum number of students to be admitted in each Para Medical  training Institution shall be 60 (sixty only).  This  is subject to revision by the  Government from time to time.


4.       Selection for the management seats shall be made by the management.  However, the selection shall be based on  objective criteria including merit in the qualifying examination.  After the list of students to be admitted is made, it shall be checked by the  selection committee.


5.        For B.Sc. Medical Lab. Technology Course, the competent authority for  selection shall be a Selection Committee  Constituted by the University of health Sciences.    The  Selection Committee shall select purely on merit on the basis of aggregate marks obtained by a student in Science subjects in the  qualifying  examination.




Rule of reservation shall be strictly followed while making  selection for both free seats and management seats.  Un filled seats meant for reserved categories shall be kept  vacant and  shall  not be filled up.  The  reservations meant for local candidates shall be followed as prescribed in the Andhra Pradesh  Education Institutions (Regulation of Admission )  Order, 1974.


5.         FEE STRUCTURE :


A  maximum fee of Rs. 1000/- per month per head may be charged for Free Seats.  As regards the Management  Seats the fee shall not be more than five times the applicable for Free Seats. It shall be competent for the Government to fix the maximum fee chargeable for free seats  and also fix an  upper limit in respect of fee for the management seats.




The  eligibility criteria for admission into Para Medical  Course shall be as follows:-


(1)                NATIONALITY AND DOMICILE: The candidates should be Indian Nationals and should satisfy local or as the case may be  the non-local  status requirements as laid down in Andhra Pradesh  Educational Institutions (Regulation of Admissions) order 1974 as amended in G.O. (P) No. 646, Education (W) Department dated          10-7-1979; and


(2)                For Graduate courses, the minimum age is 16 years and qualifying examination should be Intermediate.  For the Diploma  or for the Certificate  courses, the  minimum age  is 15 years and the qualifying examination  is SSC.




            The Chairman  of the Selection Committee shall publish an advertisement in the popular daily newspapers inviting applications in the prescribed form,  from the candidates satisfying the eligibility criteria laid down under rule-6.  The  advertisement, among others, should indicate  the application fee payable, registration fee, the last date for submission of the filled-in  applications, the seats  available in each institution the tution  fee payable etc.




            The physical facilities in the Institutions in  terms of land, buildings, class-room facilities, Laboratory facilities, requirement of  personnel and equipment shall be as fixed by  the Justice V. Ramachandra Raju Committee which may take the  assistance of a group of experts in the field.  The physical  facilities etc, for B.Sc.  Medical lab, Technology Shall  be as per the guidelines of University of  Health Sciences.


Contd. 4

:: 4 ::






(i)                  The Institutions  which require clinical attachment to hospitals  for purposes of imparting training to their students,  shall pay a fee of Rs. 1000/-  per student per annum in Case such attachment is arranged  in a  Government hospital.  However the Government  reserve the right to revise this Fee from time to time; and



(ii)                Every institution shall arrange for a attachment by way of an affiliation with  Government Hospital or a private hospital which has not less than 100 beds.  If a  single hospital does not have 100 beds, the institution can have an affiliation  to a maximum of two hospitals.  A hospital shall not allow affiliation to more  than one institution.






(1)                The University of Health Sciences (Here in after called the (UHS) shall prepare an appropriate proforma for application form for issue of the Essentiality Certificate and the price of the application form shall be fixed by the Government from time to time.  For the  present Rs. 5,000/- (Rupees Five thousand only) is  fixed as fee for obtaining an application form.  There shall also be an inspection fee of Rs. 5,000/- (Rupees Five thousand only) for organizing an inspection by the UHS, which is revisable by the Government from time to time.



(2)                The applications duly filled in shall be submitted to the U.H.S., which after scrutinizing all the applications shall forward them to the  Committee constituted for examination and consideration of the applications in G.O.Ms.No. 267 HM&FW (E1) Department, dated the 14th July, 1997.



(3)                The Committee constituted for consideration of the applications for establishing private para medical institutions in G.O.Ms.No. 267, HM&FW (E1) Department, dated the 14th July,  1997 under the Chairmanship of Justice V. Ramachandra Raju (Retired Judge) shall examine the applications as so received and  make appropriate recommendations.  The Government thereafter will  issue the Essentiality Certificate to only such applicant  institutions which are recommended by the committee.



11.       SYLLABUS:



            For Para Medical Degree Courses, the  U.H.S.,  responsible for prescribing the syllabus and for conducting examinations; and for Diploma or for the Certificate courses,  the concerned Head of the Department as identified for  the  purpose by the  government shall prescribe syllabus and conduct examination.






            Institutions for the Diploma or, for the Certificate courses which obtain the Essentiality Certificate and also satisfy the requirements as specified by Justice  Ramanchandra Raju  committee and obtain its approval shall be deemed to be  recognized by the state Government; and    the Diploma or, as the   case may be the Certificate awarded by them shall be considered valid unless the inspection team appointed by Health   Department   finds its performance is far below the standards; and   recommends  to the State Government to de-recognise the institution.  B.Sc.  Medical Lab Technology Institutions which obtain Essentiality  courses according to the rules of affiliation of the University of  Health Sciences.


Contd. 5

:: 5 ::




(1)                There shall be a security Deposit to be maintained by the applicant Institutions for a minimum period of 5 (five) years in a Nationalised   Bank in the  joint name of the principal of the Institution and the Head of  the Department  concerned  which is  under the administrative control of  the Health Medical and Family Welfare Department as an evidence of the  financial credibility of the Institution.  This  Security Deposit shall be maintained in the form of a Fixed Deposit  in a joint  account  as mentioned  above. The  Fixed  Deposit  certificate shall be kept in the  custody of the concerned Head of Dept.  referred to above  till the period of five  years is completed. The  period of Five Years will be reckoned  from the  date from which the Institution Commences the first batch of admissions.  The  Security Deposit  to be maintained by the Institutions  should be as follows:-


a.       Rs. 5.00 lakhs where the Institution is located in places other than those recognized as backward areas:


b.       Rs. 2.5  lakhs  for Institutions to be located in backward areas: and


(2)                Backward area shall mean such are of areas as may be categorized by the Government from time to time.




            These Rules shall apply mutates-mutandis  to the existing institutions at the commencement of these rules.  The existing institutions if found not  fulfilled certain  terms and conditions  stipulated in these rules shall fulfill such terms and conditions  with in a period of one year from the date of issue of these rules.






                                                                                          C. ARJUNA RAO

                                                                 PRINCIPAL SECRETARY TO  GOVERNMENT




The Director of medical Education, Hyderabad.

The University of Health Sciences,  Vijayawada.

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