Medical Education ? Constitution  of a Committee to  process the applications for grant of permissions for starting Nursing  Schools, MPHW (F) Training Centres, Para-Medical Training Centres and Physio-Therapy Training Centres- Orders Issued.





G.O.Ms.No.267                                                                                     Dated: 14-7-1997





            Government have been examining the question of evolving policy guide-lines for establishment of (1) Nursing Schools : (2) Multipurpose Health Worker (Female) Schools: (3) Phisio-Therapy training centers:  and (4) Para-Medical training centers, for quite some time now.  After detailed examination of the issues  involved, Government have prepared the policy guide-lines to be followed while considering applications from interested persons for establishment of   the above categories of institutions.  In order to bring  about uniformity and also to ensure that objective criteria   to applied while examining the applications, Government have decided that a Committee be constituted  under the  Chairmanship of a retired High Court Judge to undertake the following exercise:


  1. To scrutinize the  existing/proposed  policies of the Government in regard to the above institutions and suggest necessary changes as may be expedient.


  1. The  Committee will examine the number of institutions of each  category existing in each district and make an assessment of the requirement of additional institutions keeping in mind the question  of maintaining regional balance. The  Committee will then proceed   to publish an advertisement in important national  and local news papers calling for  applications from interested parties and specify in the advertisement the number of institutions which would be located in each district.


  1. They shall also call for applications from interested parties through advertisements published  in local and national news papers.  They shall also consider the applications pending with the Department along with those  received through open advertisement.


  1. The Committee shall make it clear in the advertisement that those parties who had already applied  should also apply again,    if they are interested.


  1. The Committee may also consult    the guide-lines being flowed by Technical  Education Department  in regard to granting permissions to Engineering  Colleges,   ITIs, etc.


  1. The Committee shall scrutinize the applications with reference to the policy guide-lines and furnish the list of applications recommended for according  permission.


2.         Accordingly, Government hereby  constitute a Committee with Members as indicated below to process the applications received from interested persons for establishment of the above categories of institutions  and submit  recommendations to the Government  from time to time  for taking a final decision:-


      1.            Justice Sri P. Ramachandra Raju                                Chairman
Retired  Judge, High Court of A.P.


      2.            Vice-Chancellor, University                                       Member
of Health Sciences, Vijayawara


      3.            Project Director, A.P. First Referral                           Member
Health Systems Project


      4.            Director of Medical Education, A.P., Hyd.                  Member


      5.            Director of Health, A.P., Hyderabad                           Member





Contd. 2..


:: 2 ::


      6.            Commissioner, AP Vaidya Vidhana                             Member
Parishad, A.P., Hyderabad.


      7.            Dr. Manimala  Rao, Dean of Medical                          Member
 Faculty, Nizam?s  Institute of Medical
Sciences, Hyderabad.


      8.            Dr. Saidulu Reddy, Prifessor of                                 Member
Orthopaedics, Osmania Medical College,


      9.            Dr. Ch. Surya Prakasha Rao Prof. of                          Member
Cardio-Thoracic surgery , OMC, Hyd.


      10.           Dr. K. Balakoteswara  Rao, Prof.  of Radio                 Member
Diagnostics,  AMC, Visakhapatnam.



3.         The Government  in Health, Medical and Family Welfare Department shall immediately refer the applications which are pending with them to the Committee for taking further necessary action in the matter.  The Committee will consider the applications  referred to them by the Government and also  invite applications from interested parties through open advertisement published in national and local news papers as already indicated in point  (3)  of para 1 above.  The  Committee will take necessary action immediately in this  regard.


4.         The Committee is appointed initially for a period of six months from the data of issue of this order.  The Chairman of the Committee will be entitled to perquisites, privileges, etc.  as are applicable to a serving  Judge  of  the High Court of Andhra Pradesh.  The  other members of the Committee who are not in Government  service  shall be  deemed  to be members of a first class committee and will, therefore, be entitled to traveling  allowance, daily allowance, sitting fee,  etc., as are prescribed by Government in the regard.


5.         The Commissioner, A.P. Vaidya Vidhana Parishad will provide all necessary secretarial assistance to the  Committee.  The Commissioner, APVVP shall also meet the  expenses towards  the functioning of the Committee including payment of salaries TA, DA, sitting fees,  etc.  from the  appropriate Head of Account.






                                                                                            C. ARJUNA RAO

                                                                      PRINCIPAL SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT




All Members of the Committee

The Commissioner, AP Vaidya Vidhana  Parishad, A.P. Hyd.



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Finance and Planning (Fin) Department.

Law Department

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