Family Welfare Programme ? Multi Purpose Health  Assistants  (F) MPHA (F) Training Institutions ? irregularities in Maintaining Private MPHA (F) Training Institutions ? Inspection of Training Institutions by Panel of Experts ? Orders ? Issued.





G.O.Ms.No.23                                                                                            Dt. 10-1-1995

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1.       From the Commissioner, Family Welfare, Letter Rc.No.16459/RHS, D/94,           Dt. 12-8-1994.

2.       From the Commissioner, Family Welfare,  Letter Rc.No.16459/RHS. D/94,          Dt.  24-9-2994.







Andhra  Pradesh has the highest number of 144 Multipurpose Health Assistants (Female) Training Institutions recognized by the Government of these 144, 112 are in the Private Sector. Based on reports received, the quality of training being imparted  in these institutions is believed to be of low quality  on account of poorly trained faculty and lack of practice  area  for providing skill training to the ANMs.  The mushrooming of ------------- training institutions in the private sector has also  been engaging the attention of the Government of  India  since  the  increasing numbers are not being matched by emergence  of trained personnel.  Several Complaints of irregularities  and mis-management are also being received from time to time.



With a view to examine the working of the private  MPHA (F) Training Institutions in the State, the Commissioner, Family Welfare has in his letter at reference 1st  suggested  constitutions an  Expert Committee to go into the details  of the working of there training institutions in the state with the following  terms of  reference:-



1.             To inspect the facilities for boarding, lodging and class-rooms available with the training school and  comment on their adequacy.

2.             Examine the number of faculty, qualifications and competence of teaching.

3.             Examine the eligibility and suitability of the trainees;

4.             Facilities for training such  an availability of  proper functioning hospital for training facilities for deliveries, M.C.H. care etc.

5.             Amount collected as fee, special fee  for deposits, etc.  and to suggest a reasonable and uniform fee structure based on the expenditure incurred in Government   Run schools.


The Commissioner, Family Welfare in his letter at reference  2nd  has further suggested that two experts may be requested to inspect an institution and submit their reports separately  indicating specific remarks and recommendations.  For each  inspection the expert may be paid Rs.  500/- as honorarium and  T.A. from residence to the institution.  Accordingly, it  has ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- inspection  reports of 112 training schools in the private sector i.e.  Rs. 3.8 Lakhs may be  permitted to be spent with funds  available with him.



Government after careful  consideration of the proposal made above  and --------------- of the  need to ensure standards of  professional training being provided, ----------------------------- to the suggestion made by the Commissioner Family Welfare for constituting a ----------- of Experts consisting of the  following.


Contd. 2

:: 2 ::


1.                   Dr. Sundera Rao,  Retd., Director of health.

2.                   Dr. Hrishikash, Retd. Addl. Director.

3.                   Dr. Rajyalakshmi, Deputy Director (Retd)

4.                   Dr. Tahira  Khan, Principal (Retd), College of Nusing, Hyd.

5.                   Dr. B. Swarajya Lakshmi, SPM. Prof. (Retd), Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam.

6.                   Dr. Venkatram  Reddy, Joint director (MCH) ?.. Convenor

7.                   Mrs. Visweswari Sivarman, Retd. Asst. Director (Nursing), Visakahapatnam.

8.                   Dr. C.  Saryanarayana, Director of  Medical Education (Retd), Hyderabad.

9.                   Dr. C.  Shamasunder, Director of Medical, Education (Retd), Hyderabad.

10.               Dr. P.  Ramana Rao, Director of medical Education (Retd),  Hyd.

11.               Dr. R.J. Srinivasan, Retired Supdt. Govt. General  Hospital, Kurnool.

12.               Dr. I. Visweswara Rao, Retd. Principal, RMC, Kakinada.

13.               Dr

14.               Dr. T. Venkataramana, Retd., Principal, RMC, Kakinada.


In addition to the above, Government also agrees to the payment of honorarium of Rs. 500/- towards inspection of the Institution and T.A.  and D.A. to the  Expert  Member.  The terms of reference as suggested by the Commissioner, Family Welfare  are also acceptable.


Government  therefore permits Commissioner, Family Welfare to take the professional services of the Exports identified by him to obtain detailed inspection reports of the MPHA (f)  Training Centers being run in the  Private Sector  at the  rates proposed by him.  Government further   orders Commissioner, Family Welfare to design proper proforma  for the inspection report to be submitted by the Experts so as   to ensure  that all vital points are not only addressed but the  feed back is standardized which would anable  computing the  results.  The expenditure may be met within the Head  of Account ?2211-F.W. Administration ? Schemes included in the plan ?4 --------------------- Sponsored Schemes ? SH.01 head quarters office ? 090  payment of  professional and special services (Honorarium) - )81--------------------------------------------






                                                                                                 K. SUJATA RAO

                                                                                  SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT.




The Commissioner, Family Welfare Deptt., Hyd.






//Forwarded :: by order//



Section Officer