MEDICAL EDUCATION -  Committee constituted under the Chairmanship of Justice Sri P. Ramachandra Raju  (Retd.  Judge) to process the applications in respect of Nursing  and other Para Medical Courses ? Number of additional institutions considered for sanction ? Orders ? Issued.




G.O.Ms.No.161                                                                                    Dated: 26-5-1998

                                                                                                            Read the following:


1.       G.O.Ms.No. 267, HM&FW (E1) Deptt., Dt. 14-7-1997.

2.       G.O.Ms.No. 401, HM&FW (M2)  Deptt., Dt. 29-9-1997.

3.       G.O.Ms.No. 145, HM&FW (M2) Deptt.,  Dt. 18-5-1998.





            Government have constituted  a Committee headed by Justice Sri P. Ramachandra Raju (Retired) High Court Judge as Chairman vide G.O. 1st read above to examine and scrutinize the applications for grant of permission to start (1) Nursing  Schools (2) MPHW (F) Schools (3) Physio-therepy Training Centres and (4) Para medical Training Centres as per the revised  guidelines issued by the Government and to recommend the Government for issue of essentiality certificate.  The Cabinet Sub-Committee consisting of (1) Dr. N. Janardhan Reddy, Honourable Minister, Health, Medical  and Family Welfare (2) Sri Kadiam Srihari, Honourable Minister, Social  Welfare and (3) Sri K.  Chandrasekhar Rao, Honourabald Minister,  Transport in its meeting held on 30-7-1997 discussed about the additional  number of Para Medical institutions to be started in the State while taking into consideration the existing number of  Institutions and the need to train large number of Para Medical Staff, recommended to start (298) additional Institutions in the State for the above courses.  Accordingly in the G.O. 2nd  read above, orders have been  issued, sanctioning additional Institutions for imparting the above courses.


2.                   The Cabinet Sub-Committee also discussed the need to start additional B.Sc. Nursing Courses and Respiratory Therapy Courses in Private Sector and recommended to start (37) B.Sc. (Nursing) Colleges and 5 Respiratory Therapy Institutions in the districts of the  State.


3.                   The  Government while accepting the recommendations of the Cabinet Sub-Committee in to hereby accord sanction of (37) B.Sc. Nursing Courses and (5) Respiratory Therapy Courses in Private Sector as detailed in the Annexure to the order and entrust the matter to the Committee constituted in the G.O. 1st read above  to examine and scrutinize the applications received from the interested parties for establishment of the above categories of Institutions as detailed therein.



4.                   The Chairman, Justice Ramanachandara  Raju Committee is therefore requested to publish an advertisement in important national and local news papers calling for applications from interested parties duly specifying in the advertisement the number of Institutions to be located in each district  as shown in the  annexure to the order at an early date.  The Committee is requested to furnish recommendations to Government  as regards the applicants  for  whom essentiality certificate can be  issued.





                                                                                                                          RACHEL CHATTERJEE

                                                                                                                 SECRETATY TO GOVERNMENT



All the Members of the Committee.


Copy to:  The Law Department.

               The Dy. Secretary to C.M.

               The P.S. to Minister (HM&FW)

               The P.S. to Secretary to Government (HM&FW).

               All Sections concerned.


                        //Forwarded * By Order//                                              Section Officer



G.O.Ms.No.161, HM&FW (m2) DEPARTMENT, DATED: 26-5-1998


zONE            dISTRICT                             B.Sc (Nursing)                Respiratory Therapy


(1)                        (2)                                            (3)                                      (4)



I.                   Srikakulam                                        1                                         -

                     Vishakapatnam                                  2                                         -

                     Vizianagaram                                    1                                         -


II.                  East Godavari                                    2                                         -

                     West Godavari                                  1                                         -

                     Kishna                                              2                                         -


III.                Guntur                                              2                                         -

                     Nellore                                              1                                        1

                     Prakasam                                          1                                         -


IV.                Ananthapur                                       1                                         -

                     Cuddapah                                          1                                         -

                     Chittoor                                             2                                        1

                     Kurnool                                             2                                         -


V.                 Warangal                                          2                                         -

                     Khammam                                        1                                        1

                     Karimnagar                                       1                                         -

                     Adilabad                                           1                                         -


VI.                Rangareddy                                       2                                         -

                     Mahaboobnagar                                 2                                         -

                     Medak                                              2                                         -

                     Nizamabad                                        1                                         -

                     Nalgonda                                          1                                         -


VII.               Hyderabad                                        5                                        2



                     Grand Total:                                     37                                        5





Section Officer