Medical Education ? B.Sc. (Nursing) Colleges ? Regulation for grant of permission to Private Colleges ? Rules ? Issued.




G.O.Ms.No.145                                                                               Dated: 18-5-1998


O R D E R :


            The Government have been considering the question of formulating  guidelines with a view to according permission, for  starting Institutions in Private Sector, for imparting B.Sc. (Nursing) Courses in the State and for considering the applications for starting such courses.  A Cabinet Sub-Committee with Dr. N. Janardhan Reddy,  Honourable,  Minister for Health, Medical and Family Welfare, Sri K. Chandrasekhar Rao,  Honourable Minister for Transport was constituted for considering the guidelines prepared by the Department and submit  its   recommendations to the Government.  The  Cabinet  sub-committee in its meeting held on 30-7-1997, among other things also discussed about the need to start B.Sc. (Nursing) courses in places where Teaching Hospitals are in existence.  The said committee have also suggested to start B.Sc. (Nursing) Colleges at places in addition where the teaching Hospitals are not in  existence.  The  Government having considered the suggestions of the Cabinet sub-Committee hereby make the rules  in regard to according  permission to the Private Nursing  Colleges and prescribing   the procedure for admission of students as detailed below:-


            The following Notification will be published in the Andhra Pradesh Extraordinary Gazette:-




            In Exercise of the powers conferred  by Section 99 of the Andhra Pradesh Education Act,  1982 (Act 1 of 1982) the Governor  of Andhra Pradesh hereby makes the following rules regulating the grant  of permission to private  Colleges of  Nursing and admission into such Institutions.




1.                  These rules may be called the Andhra Pradesh  Private Colleges of Nursing (grant of permission to Private Colleges or  Institutions and admission into B.Sc. Nursing  Course) Rules, 1997.


2.                  They shall apply  to all the Private Colleges of Nursing or Institutions imparting B.Sc. (Nursing) Course.


3.                  They shall come into force at once.



4.         (a)        Categorisation of Seats

      Fifty percent (50%) of the total number of Seats shall be set apart as ?free seats? and remaining fifty percent (50%) shall  be called  as management seats.


      (b)        Number of Seats:

      Maximum number of seats for a B.Sc. (Nursing) College or  Training  Institution shall be fifty (50) and shall be subject to revision by the  Government from time to time.




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5.         Selection Procedure:


(i)                  There shall be  a selection Committee (here in after called the  Committee) appointed by the University of Health Sciences for selection of candidates against free seats.

(ii)                The Committee shall make selections  based purely on merit arrived at on the basis of aggregate marks obtained by the  candidates in  Science group.  In deciding  the  merit candidates who qualify  under compartmental  system will be  placed after candidates who pass in a single attempt.

(iii)               Selection for the Management seats will be made by the  management of the College of Institute as the case may be  However, the selection shall be based on objective criteria  including merit in the qualifying examination; and  the admission for the above seats shall be made after the list of  candidates is verified by the said Selection Committee.

(iv)              The Principals of the Private Institutions shall admit candidates as allotted by the Selection  Committee on the basis  of ranking  assigned to them against 50% ?free Seats?.

(v)                The maximum  number  of students to be admitted in a College or in an Institution shall not exceed (50 Fifty only) subject to review by the Government from time to time.  However, if  the infrastructural facilities, and the  teaching staff etc., in an institution are found to be defective, or inadequate to train 50 Students; the Government may for the reasons to be recorded in writing, direct the institutions to admit less number of students.

(vi)              The Committee after completion of the admissions of the candidates selected by it  shall direct the institutions  to close the admissions and furnish the list of candidates admitted under both the categories i.e., free seats and  management seats to the University of Health Sciences.  Issue of hall tickets for examination shall be limited to the number of students admitted according to the list so furnished.




Rule of reservation shall be strictly followed,  while making the selection for both free seats and management seats.  Unfilled seats meant for reserved categories like S.C., S.T.,  and B.C., may, however be filled up by admitting candidates from other communities.  The selection Committee shall ensure that no reserved  candidate is overlooked  for a reserved category seat.   The reservation meant for local candidates shall be followed as prescribed in the Andhra Pradesh Educational Institutions (Regulation of Admission)  Order 1974, in the following manner namely:-


i)                    Local  candidates shall be given preference over candidates belonging to other  local areas in the  State of Andhra Pradesh:

ii)                   If local candidates within the local area are not available, preference shall be given to candidates belonging  to other local areas in the State of Andhra Pradesh

iii)                 If no candidate from any local area in Andhra Pradesh is available for admissions, admission  of candidates  belonging to other states or Union Territories may be made.


7.         FEE STRUCTURE:


A maximum fee of Rs.1000/- per month per candidate shall be charged for free seats.  As  regards the management seats the  fee shall  not be more than five times the fee  applicable to free  seats.  Government will have the authority to  fix the  maximum fee chargeable for free seats and also to fix an upper limit in respect of fee for the management seats.


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The  eligibility criteria for admission into B.Sc. (Nursing)  Course shall be as follows:-


(1)       NATIONALITY AND DOMICILE: The candidates should be Indian Nationals and should satisfy local or as the case may be  the non-local  status requirements as laid down in Andhra Pradesh  Educational Institutions (Regulation of Admissions) order 1974 as amended in G.O. (P) No. 646, Education (W) Department dated 10-7-1979; and




(i)         Educational Qualification:

A pass in the Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination (12 Years Course), or in the  Senior School certificate Examination (10+2), Pre-Degree Examination (10+2)  or an equivalent to 12 years schooling with Biological, or Physical Sciences.


(ii)               Age:

The minimum age for  admission shall be 17 years, as on  the 1st July of the year in which the candidate is seeking admission, and the maximum age is 35 years.  There  shall be relaxation  of three years in favour  of S.C., S.T., and B.C.,  candidates.




            The Selection Committee shall publish an advertisement in main edition and not in supplements of two leading news papers, one of which shall be in Telugu language  only.  The invitation for applications shall be made giving  one months  time between the date of publication and the last date fixed for receiving requests for application forms.  The advertisement should also indicate the last date for receiving back the filled in applications which shall not be less than one month  from the  last date fixed for receiving requests for application forms.   The advertisement, among others, should indicate  the application fee payable,  registration fee, the  seats available in each  Institution, the  tution fee payable etc.




            The physical facilities in terms of land, buildings, class-room facilities, Laboratory facilities, requirement of  personnel and equipment shall be in accordance with the statutes of the University  of Health Sciences and Indian  Nursing Council from time to time.



            The Staffing pattern shall be in accordance with the statutes of University of Health Sciences and the regulations of the  Indian Nursing Council.  The academic qualifications and  experience for teachers shall be as provided in the regulations of the  Indian Nursing Council.



No Permission to a Private College or an Institution, shall be accorded unless it has affiliation to a Hospital having a  minimum of 200 beds within a radius of 25kms.   The Hospital shall have the departments of Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics,  Maternity, ENT, Radiology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology,  Burns, Oncology,  Psychiatry,  Causality; and clinical Laboratory for  training and teaching purposes with qualified teaching staff.

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Note:    (1)  (a)        The practice of considering different hospitals having lesser bed strength  than 200 beds, leads to improper supervision and thereby improper training.  Hence the strength of beds of 200 should be arrived at in such a way  that  preferably  the 200 beds are  located in one single hospital and, if no such Hospital is available, the College or the Institution  may have  affiliation to not more than three hospitals for arriving  at the required strength of beds.  The Hospital having more than 200 beds, can give clinical attachment to more than one College or Institution and to as many as Colleges or Institutions as there are multiples of 200 beds in that Hospital.  The Director of Medical Education shall maintain a  list of Private Colleges or Institutions of Nursing, and the  Government Hospitals to which they stand affiliated in order to ensure that this stipulation is strictly adhered to.  Any  deviation in this regard will render the Officer (S) concerned liable for stringent departmental action.


(b)   Hospitals must invariably have all facilities for imparting  training in all disciplines as per the regulations of Indian Nursing  Council


(c)    Government shall have the power to grant relaxation in respect of such institutions located in tribal or remote/ backward areas as may be notified by them,  either in respect of the number of Hospitals, or of the total number of beds  or the distance to be maintained between the location of the College or the Institution and the Hospitals.





(i)                  The College or  Institution which require clinical attachment  for purposes of imparting training to their students  in Government Hospitals  shall have to pay a fee of Rs. 1000/-  per head per annum.  However,  Government  reserve the right to revise this Fee from time to time; and


(ii)                Permission for affiliation of a Private College of Nursing  to  any Government Hospital shall be given only by the  Government and no superintendent of the Hospital or any other authority subordinate to the Government  is authorized to issue such permission.


14.       Application for Essentiality Certificate:

            The University of Health Sciences shall prepare an appropriate  proforma as an application form for issue  of the Essentiality  Certificate and the price of the application form shall be fixed by the Government from time to time.  For the current year Rs. 5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only) is fixed as fee for  obtaining application form.  There shall also be an inspection fee for organizing an inspection by the Expert Committee constituted for the purpose by the Director of Medical  Education.  The  inspection fee is Rs. 5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only) and is revisable by the Government from time to time.


15.       The Government have constituted a Committee for examination and consideration of the applications received for establishing Private Nursing Schools, Physio-therapy  Institutions and Para- Medical  Institutions vide G.O.Ms.No.267, HM&FW (E1) Deptt., Dt. 14-7-1997 under the Chairmanship of Justice Sri P. Ramachandra Raju (Retired).  The  said committee shall also invite applications for establishing Private Colleges or Institutions of Nursing for imparting B.Sc.(Nursing) Course.  The Government will issue Essentiality  Certificate to only such applicant institutions  which are recommended by the  Committee.





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College or Institutions which obtain the Essentiality Certificate, shall have to obtain  affiliation of the University of Health Sciences before admission to the 1st year.  Such College  or Institute  shall abide by the rules of University of Health Sciences to obtain affiliation.


17.       SYLLABUS:


The syllabus  for the course will be prescribed by the  University of Health Sciences and examination for awarding  Degree will also be conducted by the University of Health Sciences in accordance with the guide-lines prescribed by the  Indian Nursing Council.




(1)               There shall be a security Deposit to be maintained by the applicant Institutions for a minimum period of 5 (five) years in a Nationalised   Bank in the  joint name of the Correspondent of the college or the Institution and the Head of  the Department  concerned  which is  under the administrative control of  the Health Medical and Family Welfare Department as an evidence of the  financial credibility of the Institution.  This  Security Deposit shall be maintained in the form of a Fixed Deposit  in a joint  account  as mention above. The  Fixed  Deposit  certificate shall be kept in the custody of the concerned Head of Dept.  till the period of five  years is completed. The  period of Five Years will be reckoned  from the  date from which the Institution Commences the first batch of admissions.  The  Security Deposit  to be maintained by the Nursing  Colleges should be as follows:-


a.       Rs. 5.00 lakhs where the Colleges or Institution is located in places other than those recognized as backward areas:


b.      Rs. 2.50  lakh  for Institutions to be located in backward areas: and


(2)               The definition of Backward area shall be the one as may be given by the Government from time to time.


(3)               The Security Deposit is an addition to the Security Deposit  for affiliation with University  of Health Sciences.


19.       The Director of Medical Education or any other Officer deputed  by him/her for the purpose shall be the Competent Authority to take suitable action in accordance with the instructions issued  in this Order.


20.       The above guidelines shall be made applicable to the existing institutions also. The existing institutions if found having any deficiencies  of the stipulations made in these guide-lines, shall make good those deficiencies with in a period of one year from the date of issue of these guide-lines without fail.  Failing which, the Government may, take such action, as they consider fit, by giving  an opportunity of being heard to the College, or as the case may be, to the  Institution.




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The commissioner for Printing & Publication (Publication wing), Hyd. with a requst to publish the notification in A.P. Estraordinary Gazzette and supply 500 Copies.

The Chairman, Justice Sri. P. Ramachandra Raju Committee.

All the members of the Committee through Chairman.

Copy to:  The Director of Medical Education, A.P., Hyderabad.

The Registrar, University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada.

The Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi

The President, A.P. Nurses and Midwives Council, Hyderabad.

The General Administration (Cabinet) Department.

P.S. to  M (HM&FW)

Scrutiny Cell of Law Department.


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